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Mobile Banking

Banking on-the-go with SVCB Mobile!

Download the app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire HD.

In order to use SVCB Mobile Banking, you will need to first enroll in Online Banking (OLB).  Once you are a registered OLB user, you can download the SVCB Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. 


Set up and manage alerts to your email address on file based on specific account activity using Account Alerts. You can also establish Service Alerts for your Online Banking profile activity.  These features are accessible in the Administration tab within Online Banking. If you are enrolled in Mobile Banking, you may choose to send alerts as text messages to your mobile phone.

Bill Payment:

Automate paying your personal expenses using Bill Payment through Online Banking or Mobile Banking.  A payee can be added, a bill can be scheduled, modified, or paid from either OLB or Mobile Banking.

Account Summary:

This page has an overview of all of your accounts with us. Click on an account number for more detail on each individual account.

Account Activity:

Clicking on account activity will show the posting date, type of transaction, check number, description, image of a check and amount of transaction for the most recent transactions. You can also download information into MS Money or Excel.

Search Account Activity:

Within each account, you can select the “Search” icon and search for activity by date, amount, or check number.

Transfer Funds:

This option allows you to transfer funds between various checking and savings accounts that you have with us.

Loan Payment:

Make a loan payment to Spring Valley City Bank from your checking or savings account by making a transfer to the loan account desired.  Perform this function within the “Transfers” option.

Mobile Check Deposit:

Checks maybe deposited to your accounts using your camera to capture check images.








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