Credit Cards

Show your Community Pride! VISA credit cards issued by Spring Valley City Bank offer a competitive interest rate and no annual fees. Whether it’s for personal of business uses, our credit card is an excellent option that gives back to the community. This is our credit card program, which means we administer it and the approval decisions are made locally. Payments can be made directly at our bank, and we can handle all questions you have right here. In addition, Hall High School benefits every time you use your card because it receives a portion of every amount charged on each card.

Applications may be completed in person or by mail. Please call or e-mail us (through the Contact Us page of this website) to send you an application.

After Hours Loss/Theft Notification Number for Debit/ATM Cards: 800-236-2442

After Hours Loss/Theft Notification Number for Credit Cards: 800-876-9119

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